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Team Red’s Legacy

As the fear of covid spread throughout the country it was just another day at the office for esports athletes of Sri Lanka. Our fellow esports organisation Noob Alliance once again came back with their annual esports compendium “Get nAiled” and boy did our Team Red was ready to make an mark on their league of legends section.

For those few who don’t know what Team Red is, They’re one of the best teams Sri Lankan esports scene ever produced to league of legends. They’re the same roster who represented Sri Lanka in the international stage last year. So needles to say it was business as usual sweeping teams under the carpet for them, Until they met “Sinners and Saints”. They made it difficult by showing good competition by defeating us in our first game itself.

So our boys had to fallback into lower bracket and rise from the ashes like we phoenixes always do.Then another day came. As the fate would have it and you guessed it, we were back again face to face with Sinners and Saints. Team Red wasn’t ready to make mistakes this time. It was a very close match up but in the end Red managed to finally defeat Saints and Sinners after a tough close game.

Another interesting fixture on our road to victory was against “Once family but chose to descend from their roots, Lanka Lions” . Although we don’t consider them as a top team anymore it wasn’t even competitive as their top laner played for us the entire time. Red were able to squeeze out another victory as Aadil’s winning pentakill put the icing on the cake.

Through the thick and thin red managed to set their foot on tournament final soil against none other than sons of noob alliance itself, “Phase”. As every Sri Lankan league of legends fans know this was not the first time these two teams met at the summoners rift. Fire of this fierce rivalry had been flaming for a while. As everyone expected the match was a fantastic eye pleaser with some fascinating highlights such as Ashen’s 3v5 penta. After all the smoke settled it was Team Red who emerged victorious as we, Phoenix GaminG added yet another championship to our record book.

Here are some words from our prodigies about their victory:
Kasun “Kassa” Withanage – Basic tournament and expected results as usual.
Nishal “Nishastic” Ranaweerasinghe – Good tournament, good games had fun.
Ashen “TheShyboy” Semithu – Better hecarim wins and huge adc gap.
Aadil ” Lemonaids” Ayub Jismy: Huge jungle difference.
Hilal “Deww” Ayub Jismy – Would have been a more exciting tournament if we have faced vanguard.

Substitute Players
Javeen “7ckngjaveen” Tharka
Prabu “Jokr” Thanenthiran

We know this win is not the first nor will be the last for Team Red in this journey. We’re immensely proud to have them under our Phoenix wings. No matter what obstacles come their way they will be ready to attack and dominate the Sri Lankan league of legends industry through and through. Because we are the game. We are Phoenix GaminG.

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