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SLT eSports Lobby Challenge


SLT eSports is widely known among the gaming community for their yearly main event “SLT eSports Championship” with attractive prize pools for every major gaming title in Sri Lanka but during the start of this year they launched another set of mini series all hyping up to the main event happening every year on the month of November. The past month they concluded yet another successful event, this time in the form of SLT eSports Lobby Challenge. It consisted of FIFA 18 and Clash Royale for the single player titles and 1 multiplayer title being DOTA 2 which had it’s qualifiers take place online and the qualified teams went on to battle it out at the Lobby of Crescat Boulevard.


The Clash Royale Battle

Clash Royale has been a rising tide as a single player title in Sri Lanka and was introduced as a ranked title this year. The game also has recognition internationally as it was introduced as a title for Asian Games 2018. At SLT Lobby Challenge we saw a bunch of players as they fought viciously to destroy their opponent’s king towers to move forward in the competition. In the semi-final 1, nA.Angmar faced off against PnX|Parthifan with a convincing victory for nA.Angmar with a score of 2-0 as he moved onto the finals. In the semi-final 2, nA.Hanif secured a 2-0 victory over nA.rN’b as he prepared to face off vs nA.Angmar in the final battle. In the third place match, PnX|Parthifan triumphs over nA.rN’b to secure the third place victory with a score of 2-0. As we take a look in the Finals it was a close back and forth fight with both players showing tenacity and willpower making it 2-2 but in the end nA.Hanif goes the extra mile to finally beat nA.Angmar with a final score of 3-2, nA.Angmar takes the runner up title and nA.Hanif becomes the winner of the Clash Royale title!


The FIFA 18 Challenge

Next up we had the FIFA 18 challenge, FIFA is a game that has been played from the early days of eSports in Sri Lanka and continues to attract alot of competition throughout the tournaments and it was no different at SLT Lobby Challenge. Many players fought hard as some veterans were overthrown by the underdogs rising up to the challenge but in the end it was PnX|SHARPSH00T3R vs PnX|Dishi in the semi final 1 and nA.Venom vs PnX|Faz battling it out in the semi final 2, PnX|Dishi and PnX|Faz was able to outwit and outsmart their opponents with convincing victories making their way into the finals. Battling it out for the 3rd place, PnX|SHARPSH00T3R went head to head with nA.Venom and ended up victorious with a 8-4 score in an exhilarating match. The finals approached and both PnX|Dishi and PnX|Faz prepared to face each other and walk away as the winner of the FIFA 18 title, as expected by players of their caliber it was one intense and close match which was determined by a single goal made by PnX|Faz that ensures him the victory and he walks away as the winner of the FIFA 18 title while PnX|Dishi played a commendable game and claimed the runner up title.


The DOTA 2 Championship

Now for the main event and what everyone is looking forward to – The DOTA 2 Title. Just like FIFA, DOTA 2 has been there for a long time in the local scene and undoubtedly attracts a huge audience and players alike and is one of the most dominant MOBA games around the world rivaling only League of Legends. Over 25 teams participated over the online qualifiers but only the finest made it through to the LAN stage. First up in the semi finals we saw x3.Victorious Secret who are one of the stronger teams heading into the competition going up versus nA.Team Tempest and x3.Victorious secret lived up to their expectations and manages to snatch the victory and move on towards the finals. Div.Death Sentence, one of the oldest running DOTA teams in the country filled with veterans and also one of the favorites to win the tournament went up against the underdogs, nA.Bedtime Samurais in a thrilling semi final match with the veterans Div.Death Sentence who secured the victory, prepares to face off x3.Victorious Secret in the finals of the DOTA 2 title. Both the teams are equally skilled and experienced and it was bound to be an entertaining series between the two dominant teams. First game was a nail biter, Div.Death Sentence seemed to have had a good grasp on their opponents only to be mistaken as x3.Victorious Secret came up huge in the late game and managed to close it out grabbing the first win of the series, the second game was just as equally thrilling as Div.Death Sentence showed tenacity and adapted from their lose and turns their mistakes from game 1 into a game 2 victory. The deciding game was filled with a tense atmosphere as this was it, the winner of the this game will go on the become the champions of the SLT Lobby Challenge DOTA 2 title, it was rough, it was tough and it was one hell of a series where in the end, Div-Death Sentence was forced to walk away with the runner up title as x3.Victorious Secret wins the game and the series and are crowned the champions! Commendable efforts by all the teams with Div.Death Sentence who will surely hope to bounce back stronger next time and nA.Bedtime Samurais who secures the second runners up title besting nA.Team Tempest in a 1-0.


All in all, it was another successful event by SLT eSports with excellent organization in partnership with Phoenix GaminG and attractive prize pools which SLT is known for as they prepare for the main event coming up in November.

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