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Respawn 2.0

Respawn, Phoenix GaminG’s premier League of Legends tournament was back with a LAN reincarnation of the tournament as Respawn 2.0. Respawn 2.0 was, as expected, packed with a lot of League of Legends action. The winners were the holders of almost every League of Legends tournament in the local scene, PnX|Lanka Lions and 3rd place was won by PnX|Meme Masters, but how the teams won is a completely different story.


There were a lot of changes made to the teams as many of the teams’ major players took breaks from the local competitions in preparation for the hectic final few months of the year. A few notable absentees were PnX|Phantom Charger and PnX|Nightmare who couldn’t compete in Respawn 2.0 due to personal commitments. The two main PnX teams did however manage to find replacements for various roles and expected an easy route to the finals. The biggest factor of change was the level of competition in the local League of Legends scene, with Noob Alliance teams showing up and giving the previously PnX dominated League of Legends scene some much needed competition. nA.Phase beat PnX|Meme Masters for the first time this year and also took a game from PnX|Lanka Lions in the best of 3 finals. PnX|Deiyo were favorites for the semi-final spots but failed to secure their place as a top 4 team this time. Newly formed team PnX|Wali Kukula were the tournament’s surprise package and had an excellent run in the competition, losing to the eventual winners of the tournament.


Some notable performances from PnX|Jokr and PnX|Kula helped secure some hard fought first and third place finishes for the Phoenix GaminG teams.


Overall the tournament was very memorable for the upsets and the energy every Sri Lankan LAN event brings. Phoenix GaminG director LeoN was quoted to have said that

“This is one of the best League of Legends tournaments I have ever been a part of and I’m very proud of my team Wali Kukula for coming this far, we were very close to beating Lanka Lions and we will be back to take on all the other top teams. I might be old, but I still got it”.

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