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Recap of PnX Achievements

Phoenix GaminG has been dominating the Sri Lankan Esports scene ever since its inception in 2008. Currently led by the infamous duo of CB and LeoN Phoenix gaminG looks to dominate the year 2020 as they have in the past.


Ever Since 2013, Phoenix GaminG has been nominated for the Best Clan award given out by Sri Lanka Esports Association (SLESA) managing to consecutively win from 2014-2017, falling short in the year 2018 with only a nomination. Now with the 12th Edition of SLCG which is to be held in the year 2020 Phoenix GaminG looks to keep new records and break the ones that have been kept by them in the past.


As all eyes are set on SLCG 2020 and the National Esports award ceremony, A quick recap of what Phoenix GaminG has achieved in the section records they have set in Sri Lanka.

  • Highest Sri Lankan Solo MMR in DOTA2 – Sathan (2016)
  • First Super Platinum player in Sri Lanka in Tekken – Raging Chicky (2017)
  • Highest Sri Lankan Solo MMR in DOTA2- Paradox (2017)
  • Top 10 in Asia in Trackmania– Binura (2017)
  • First Diamond Rank In Sri Lanka- Raging Chicky (2017)
  • Placed Second in the Melbourne YuGiOh! GG store Championship – Excalibur(2018)
  • First Diamond Rank In League Of Legends – Ash (2018)
  • First Grand Champion in Sri Lanka for Clash Royale – Parthi (2018)


There are more records set by the skilled Cyber athletes in Phoenix GaminG than the ones mentioned above. Other than this Phoenix GaminG has become the only clan to win more than 5 total championships at SLCG, the records set by the clan as whole are as follows

  • Clan of the Year – 2014
  • Clan of the Year – 2015
  • Clan of the Year – 2016
  • Clan of the Year – 2017
  • Sri Lanka Cyber Games Overall Champions -2016
  • SLT eSports Championship Overall Champions -2016
  • SLT eSports Championship Overall Champions -2017
  • Sri Lanka Cyber Games Overall Champions -2017
  • SLT eSports Championship Overall Champions – 2018
  • Sri Lanka Cyber Games Overall Champions – 2018


Coming in to SLCG 2020, Phoenix GaminG’s different game wings are working hard to be sure to secure Gold for the clan. Lets now look at the achievements of the teams and players in their different games.



Starting off our list everyone’s favorite sport game FIFA. Cyber athletes of Phoenix GaminG have been dominating the FIFA scene in Sri Lanka for the past decade. Bagging a total of 155 Medals (60 Gold,55 Silver, 40 Bronze) this is Phoenix GaminG’s most strongest wing with likes of Hafraaz07, SHARPSHOOT3R, Heat and Dishi the FIFA wing is more than ready to dominate this year’s SLCG competition as well.


League Of Legends

Phoenix GaminG’s league of legends wing is one to watch out for at any given tournament, with their high risk, high reward play style to the insane outplays, this wing from Phoenix GaminG has been dominating their competition. A few teams to look out for are the unstoppable Lanka lions, Team R[E]D and Team Deiyo. The winners of consecutive League of Legends tournaments such as Gamer.LK Clans LOL League won by Lanka Lions in 2018, SLT Esports League of legends Championship won by Lanka Lions in 2018 and SLCG 2018 won by Lanka Lions as well and 2019’s winner of the AESF e-Masters – Team R[E]D. Winning a total of 66 medals (37 Gold,18 Silver,11 Bronze) and hoping to add more to their collection.



Call them crazy for running it down mid, or giving Deathmark a Phoenix Gaming’s DOTA 2 wing is a no joke bunch with the determination and plan to dominate their path until no other team can match their superiority. With the likes of some of the most dominant names in Sri Lanka such as The Kade and Indomitus the DOTA 2 wing has been dominating tournaments such as IESF World E-sports Championship in 2019 won by team Lanka Lions, Battle of the Mortal Gods won by Team Indomitus. 77 total medals with 37 Golds 24 Silvers and 6 bronzes, The DOTA 2 wing of Phoenix GaminG will not stop until they are on top.


Call Of Duty 4

Next on our list is the probably the oldest team game in Sri Lanka which is also the most sought out title at any given SLCG. The Call of Duty 4 is a wing that would stop at nothing to win the title and bag the gold medal. Phoenix GaminG’s Inside Gaming came second place at SLCG 2018 after beating Noob Alliance Spite who were considered unbeatable during the year 2017 – 2018 at the semi finals. Bagging a total of 31 medals ( 6 Gold silver 11 bronze 14) this years COD4 wing looks to dominate SLCG 2020.


Fighting Games Wing

Raging Chicky, Lunatic Demon, Drakidus, Jura all players feared through out the Sri Lankan Fighting games scene for being the best players in the country at their respective titles. In Tekken spearheaded by Jura and Drakidus Phoenix GaminG has bagged 35 Gold medals 26 silver Medals and 11 Bronze medals. In Mortal Kombat led by Raging Chicky the organization has won 21 Gold Medals 26 Silver medals and 14 Bronze medals. When it comes to games like Street Fighter and Dragon Ball FighterZ Cyber atheletes of Phoenix GaminG have bagged a total of 21 medals.


Phoenix NyX

Phoenix GaminG’s womens team goes by the name Phoenix NyX. The ladies of Phoenix Gaming have been really competitive and PnX Nyx’s Bitsy managed to end up 1st Runners up at the Womens League Championship in 2019. Digging deeper into PnX NyX, these cyber athletes have been the front runners at promoting women in gaming and they are ready to perform and win at SLCG 2020.


Special Force 2

Phoenix GaminG’s special force 2 wing since its inception has been dominating the Special Force 2 scene in SLCG and Sri Lankan Esports tournaments alike. With teams Like AllStars and DeSyr who keep winning back to back tournaments such as GamerFest, Kings of LAN, Maximum Ladders there is no saying up to where this wing will stop at. A total of  20 Medals ( 10 Gold , 4 Silver 6 Bronze)  and with SLCG only a month away the special force 2 wing is ready to take on the challenge to  win it all again this year.



The final addition to the list is Phoenix GaminG’s Overwatch wing has been going back on forth at winning SLCG and The SLT Esports Championship and cant seem to decide which they like winning more.  Teams such as 321Dive is currently the most dominating team in Sri Lanka with Team Syndicate not far behind within these two teams they bag a total of 14 medals (5 Gold 6 silver 3 bronze).


Mobile Games

Phoenix GaminG does not just focus on PC games. With time mobile games have evolved themselves in Esports as well and Phoenix GaminG has adapted and overcome the rising mobile game Esports scene as well. With Mobile Legends wing winning more than 15 Medals in the 2019 itself, The PUBG mobile wing of Phoenix GaminG is on another level by itself.


With so many brilliant and skilled Cyber athletes Phoenix GaminG looks to win the coveted Overall SLCG championship in the year 2020 as well.

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