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IESF World Championship Qualifiers

What is IESF?

The International e-Sports federation is a global organization based in South Korea that aims at promoting electronic sports as a legitimate sport. The IESF has 48 member countries to date and Sri Lanka recently became a part of this truly global e-Sport movement. IESF hosts an annual e-Sports world championship and Sri Lanka deservedly was invited to take part this year.


Sri Lankan Qualifiers

The IESF world championship this year will feature 3 huge titles, namely, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Tekken 7. Since e-Sports has slowly but surely picked up in Sri Lanka and competition is getting fierce every day, a local qualifier was held to decide who the lucky team/individual is that was given the opportunity to travel to Kaohsiung, Taiwan to compete in the world championship.


League of Legends

Four teams took part for the League of Legends qualifiers of IESF world championship. Usually a Phoenix GaminG dominant wing, League has seen an upsurge in competition in recent events. This competitiveness was sure to make the qualifiers very interesting. Five PnX teams took part in the qualifiers and as everyone would have predicted, PnX|Lanka Lions and PnX|Meme Masters reached the semi-final stage without a problem. The game of the tournament was a new look PnX|Meme Masters taking on nA.Phase, which saw an age old rivalry between two clans given life with an exciting best of 3 series. PnX|Meme Masters eventually lost their third game in a very close series. Eventual winners PnX|Lanka Lions eased through the qualifiers without losing a single game and qualified to take part in the world championships.


Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Seven teams took part for the CS: GO qualifiers including one team from Phoenix Gaming, but unfortunately they couldn’t make it to the second round. However an excellent display from one of our closest rivals Xiphos CS:GO secured their sport for the world championship.


Tekken 7

Ten individuals took part for the Tekken 7 qualifiers and as we have come to expect, Phoenix GaminG dominated the qualifiers. Four participants from Phoenix GaminG took part and three of the four semi-finalists were members from PnX. A clean sweep from PnX|Rishan earned him an uncontested ticket to Kaohsiung. A very good display from PnX|Amaterasu earned him second place. A huge upset in the qualifiers was the notable absence of the reigning local champion PnX|Jura who fought hard but lost to the eventual champion PnX|Rishan. PnX|MrLamborhini was a surprise semi-finalist who fought hard against PnX|Amaterasu but couldn’t qualify to the finals. We as a clan couldn’t be happier about how our Tekken wing obliterated the competition.


The IESF World Championships will begin on the 9th of November and we would like to wish all our players and all the qualified players from Sri Lanka the best of luck.

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