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Team Up. Fight On!

In Team AORUS, we believe gamers should be played together as teamwork is built, comradery is formed, and all the fun and joy can be shared among them. That is the reason why Team AORUS have created a variety of unique eSports game modules at major global gaming events, providing a platform with leading hardware for gamers worldwide to join and play as a community. Having received extremely positive feedback, Team AORUS is now ready to take this idea further to – AORUS Masters.

For our fourth competition, Team AORUS is joining forces with Phoenix GaminG to host AORUS Masters: Sporting Games Championship tournament.


FIFA 19, Project CARS 2


Tournament Details:
Date – 26th October 2019
Platform – LAN
Venue – TBA


Registration Details:
Fee – LKR 500


All participants must share the AORUS Masters tournament post by tagging all your team mates and hash tagging #AORUS #Gigabyte #Playername #AORUSMasters

The third tournament of this series was the Fighting Games Championship with Mortal Kombat 11, Tekken 7,  Street Fighter V and DragonBall FighterZ as the titles. This tournament took place on the 28th of September at Redline Technologies and was successfully completed.

The second tournament of this series was the Overwatch title which started on the 26th of August and the tournament was successfully completed on the 7th of September 2019.

The first tournament of the AORUS Masters 2019 series began with Special Force 2 as the main title on the 27th of July and the tournament was successfully completed on the 31st of July 2019 The semi finals and finals of the tournament had some extraordinary performances from both the teams where in each of the map they had to go to the final round to decide the winner.